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Model lying on Magnum's beach towel designed by Frank Pellegrino

Franck Pellegrino (@franckpellegrino) is a French born artist originally from the South of France. The Alpes Maritimes marked much of Franck’s life, before settling in 2012 in a Parisian life. It is during these years in the South that he developed the outline of a formal language, erecting sensitive bridges between typography, abstract forms and ornaments. On the canvas, Pellegrino projects abstract and dynamic forms, drawing utopian landscapes against a backdrop of digital composition.

Pellegrino’s hand painted design for Magnum depicts memories of horizons and pleasure, with colours reminiscent of the seashore, sun, sand, water and vegetation.



Magnum’s XXL Beach Towels measure 2x2m and are made of 100% Cotton.

Magnum Franck Pellegrino towel floating
Towel ALT tag


Magnum’s lightweight Sarongs measure 1.5 x 1.5m and are made of Voile fabric. This sarong can be styled a multitude of ways, from head scarves to weightless beachwear.

Model wearing sarong as a headscarf, with a sarong floating in the background
Magnum Franck Pellegrino sarong floating


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