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Bella Hadid's stunning Magnum

Lady showing Magnum icecream from the dipping bar

Bella Hadid creates the ultimate accessory at Magnum Cannes.

Bella Hadid was the guest of honour at Magnum Cannes 2018 - inspiring crowds to Take Pleasure Seriously on the red carpet with her exclusive Alexander Wang cooler bag.

The Magnum Dipping Bar was 100% couture, with new design touches and ice cream toppings specifically selected to compliment Bella’s unique style.

Bella Hadid
Magnum with gold popping candy

Bella accessorized her dream Magnum with a generous sprinkling of shimmering gold popping candy. The look was completed with a decadent chocolate ‘B’ branded coin and a striking Belgian Chocolate Shard…the epitome of Taking Pleasure Seriously.